Plastic Machinery
B1 Plastic pipe extrusion line
B11 Plastic sheet (board)  extrusion line
B2Plastic bag-making line
B12PP woven bag line for rice, cement
B3 Plastic bottle blowing
B13Plastic cup making line
B4Packing tape(band)line with waste PET bottles
B14 Plastic recycle plant
B5 Plastic injection molding
B15 Self b adhesive tape making line
B6Fruit foam net extrusion line
B16 Plastic barrel (20 -5000 L ) molding machine
B7 PE net extrusion line
B17Medical disposable syringes plant
B8PVC soft sheet extrusion line
B18PE foam sheet extrusion line
B9 PVC window and door extrusion line
B19PE bubble sheet production line
B10Plastic film blowing line
B20PVC medical glove plant
B21Car/furniture foam seat injection
B22Pvc flex banner line
B23Plastic flower pot machinery
B24Nylon cable pipe tie
B25PVC EVA water stopper seals line
B26PVC EVA water stopper seals line
B27Window rubber seals production line
B28Optical glasses/lens machinery