Medium Profitable Projects – heavy
D1Steel section purlin (Z, C) forming
D8Roof profile corrugation with cut to length

Sandwich panel production line 

D9Steel barrel and can
D3Aluminum bottle cap, beer bottle loop cap
D10Red clay brick plant, pavement brick
D4Hollow pavement bricks/tiles plant
D12Gypsum board plant
D41Perlite expansion furnace plant
D13LPG cylinder fabrication plant
D5Active carbon/charcoal briquettes plant
D132LPG filling station
D51Aluminum sheet casting and rolling line
D133Steel barrel/tin/can making
D6Engine or lubricant oil recycle plant
D14Waste tyre pyrolysis plant
D61Waste tyre for rubber powder mat
D15Wood pellets (bio fuel) plant
D7Plywood complete plantD16Flux core welding wire production line
D17WHR (waste heat recovery) for cement plant
D18Glass windshield machinery
D19Terrazzo artificial marble floor tile plant
D20GRP pipe, poles, tanks machinery
D21lead free welding line
D22Cutting and grinding disc plant
D23Oxygen nitrogen hydrogen O2/N2/H2 generator
D24Steel pipe forming line
D25      Steel bar plant with scraps